Dog-What I Liked, Disliked, and wondered

What I liked about the story is that Dog found a home in honor of Black Nose (“find a mistress”). What I did not like about the story is that Black Nose passed away, and I assume that Wooly passed away (killed) too (because he was left at the pound). I am wondering about why the parents of Plum Dog’s owner) aren’t trying to make their daughter have more respect for them. (though they might do that at the end of the book)

Dog- How The Author Described

Today, I am still reading Dog, and I thought the author; Daniel Pennac helped me understand the place because he used vivid words and described how he was in a dump and how he learned how to survive there. He helped me understand the time because when he described the city he described it as a city in modern time with cars that were new. What I learned from the text is that the person that was breeding the puppies thought he was too ugly and no one would buy him he tried to drown Dog but that only made him go unconscious. Also, Black Nose raised him, so he got to the point he could survive until she unfortunately died. And he went into the city.

Half Magic-comparing it to my world

Continuing on Half Magic, Today I read that the children came back from King Arthur’s time and the children just wanted to do normal things like they used to before the charm. They also thought about what wish they could make next without destroying the future or the past. The connection that I could make is on page 99 when they were walking around their block getting ice cream and sodas. That reminded me of when I was their age and I went to Ice Cream World, next to Dorney Park with my grandma.